We review the new single from Premaura – Let It Go

Emphatic vocals and uplifting beats define this new track from talented Yorkshire musician Premaura.

Equally as delicate as it is soulful, her voice on Let It Go blossoms wonderfully to bring a real sense of beauty atop the jig-inducing groove of the rhythms that sit below it. This piece is a combination of the old and the new, focussing rightfully on the magnificent capacity of her voice, bought up to date with a combination of drug machines and synths with hypnotic results.

A perfectly crafted combination of soul and RnB, this track excels in its ability to drag you away from the mundane, and lose yourself deep within its concoction of sounds. The biggest compliment we can pay to it though it to appreciate just how authentic and raw this song, despite having such a big, full sound. The balance she finds between modernising her soul-inspired sound, and maintaining its authenticity is mesmeric, and should be lauded as such.

With this sound seemingly mastered, it seems as if she is standing on the edge of something great. This track is a tremendous way to introduce herself to what will be only too willing new fans, and if she continues to dazzle in this vain its surely only so long until she bursts into the limelight. A spectacular song.