We Review The New Single From PRTLND – Burnt Out

Dublin’s PRTLND mixes 90’s influences with morbid emotions on his new single, Burnt Out.

The overall emotion of the track captures that of being burnt out through the ethereal vocals, dark guitar tones, and rough snare hits.

With similarities to artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, Burnt Out has upbeat vocal-driven choruses with an onslaught of reverbed guitars in the background. The guitars with accompanying vocals in the verse and bridge create an overall ghostly feeling like one is at the end of their tether.

The tones are enriching and the overall consistency of the track is a wall of noise from both ends. The snare hits batter you from the right side, while the picked guitar notes ring out from the left.

PRTLND, otherwise known as solo musician Mathieu, wrote and recorded all of the instrumentation himself. The production, however, was done overseas in the US and I think collectively both parties are produced this wonderfully moody but emotionally-stricken piece of music.

It’s filled with darkness, and like the artwork shows, there are moments of fire trying to break through that darkness, and in the bridge, we can feel the extensive heat of feeling burnt out through the prolonged vocal delivery.

The delicately picked guitar stings that carry both the track through its inception and outro with stick with you upon listening and capture the styles of underground 90s emo/indie artists.

A sound that looks for both its influences and light in the darkness captures something refreshing and archaic at the same time. It’s a morbid balance that makes each listening all the more intruiging.