We Review the New Single from Rael8 – The White Room

Rarely does a band or artist emerge out of nowhere feeling fully formed and fleshed out? Most artists aren’t RAEL8 however.

Taking her name from a from an Angel’s name which fell out of a deck of cards. The silent 8 reflects the number of letters in her legal name, intertwining the two aspects of her identity to create something both enigmatic and meaningful and that quietly reflects her personality.

It’s something that bleeds into her debut single effortlessly; an enigmatic air permeating the sleek, soulful sounds of ‘The White Room’, a deliciously understated offering that builds gradually across its four-minute run time. Originally titled ‘Requiem’, the name change came about thanks to a dream she had, in which she followed her soulmate through the eponymous white room.

With a narrative concept as ephemeral as this, one might be forgiven for making the assumption that the track itself would feel fleeting or somewhat transient.

That simply isn’t the case, however. Instead, ‘The White Room‘ is an insidious debut offering, its appeal seeping beneath your skin further with each and every listen. And while its certainly understated in its delivery, its impact is anything but. A sleek, sultry, and soulful debut release from a newcomer is well worth keeping your eyes on.