We review the new single from Rafaricho – Don’t Blame Me

Doncaster’s Rafaricho has recently returned with his latest single, ‘Don’t Blame Me’, a collaboration with the German singer-songwriter, Polar Lenny. ‘Don’t Blame Me’ is Rafaricho’s third single, following on from his debut releases, ‘Poison’ and ‘Run Away’, that have been met with a warm reception.

‘Don’t Blame Me’ features hypnotising instrumentation that is moved along by a dreamy guitar riff and a drum beat that carries the track along peacefully. Simplistic, yet wholesome with its message, the track discusses the hardships of a break-up and the effect the loss has on both parties.

The voices and harmonies of Rafaricho and Polar Lenny lend themselves to each other beautifully, and this is what truly makes ‘Don’t Blame Me’ stand out amongst both Rafaricho and Polar Lenny’s releases. Within this release, Rafaricho uses poetic metaphors that allow him to be brutally honest with himself about his feelings – almost as if you are having a one-on-one conversation with him.

With ‘Don’t Blame Me’, Rafaricho cements himself to be one of the countries most unique musicians, blending elements of indie pop and R&B to create a track that stands out against the rest of his releases. As time goes on and Rafaricho releases new music, it becomes clear that the only way is up, each release shows him grow and evolve into a talented, unique musician.