We review the new single from Rafaricho – Sleepless

Singer/songwriter Rafaricho originally from Doncaster sets the tone with his new single ‘Sleepless’ which will be out on all platforms on the 15th of January 2022.

This track is stylistically radically different from his previous songs as he explores the likes of Lofi/trap music production which embodies slow atmospheric sounds & dreamy Lofi undertones depicting a nostalgic scene ideal for listeners who have a long car drive ahead, a chilled night in with loved ones or as the title implies: when you’re sleepless.

Similar to the likes of up and coming artist Fats‘e or Khalid, ‘Sleepless’ relies on the influence of trap/rap and Lofi vibes which results in an interesting combination as the song remains rhythmically consistent yet the artist manages to keep the beat interesting and ever-changing, adding various details until the end to keep the listeners satisfied and refreshed throughout the whole song.

The artist chose a story-telling narrative that is nicely mirrored within the background melody. The lyrical theme expands on the title itself, relatable to most as well as being a subject of reflection and retrospection. ‘Sleepless’ focuses on capturing the thought train one may go through when thinking about their loved ones whilst digging deep into the emotions one might feel around the uncertainty and volatility of relationships. Similar to his previous songs – the singer layers his voice with subtle higher key harmonies which empower and uplift the narrative.

The polyphonic melody adds thickness and layers to the track and supports the electric guitar melody line very nicely adding a level of complexity to the production which naturally teases listeners to listen to the song repeatedly and notice new details over time.

The electric guitar strumming throughout really makes this piece stand out, as it pushes the genre to explore new musical tendencies making this song unique and on-trend. All in all, the singer has bravely touched a new music genre whilst adding a personal touch to keep this song on brand and recognizable to his current fans; tapping into a potentially wider range of listeners making this track so distinctive with the potential to help Rafaricho make a name for himself and defy the stereotypes of genres.