Raging Clue - 3210


This new track from Nottingham lads Raging Clue sees them reach new infectious heights.

With an expressed passion for the emo scene, and looking to follow in the tracks of the ‘00s greats, 3210 packs in all the genre favorites. Angsty undertones in the lyrics mixed with emphatic riffs mean it wouldn’t sound at all out of place amongst its predecessors at a mid-2000s pop punk disco.

A story of being ‘left on read’, it embodies the millennial heartbreak tale. The lyrics brim with relatability, with self-doubt and rejection coming to the fore throughout, making the whole thing feel painfully honest.

Again following the example of those that have gone before, they bare all lyrically and it makes you really respect the songwriting for doing so.

Far from dragging you down into the depths of despair though, the high-tempo instrumental which back it gives the track a great energy.

Whereas the words pierce you with their content, the riffs do the same with their aggression, complementing it perfectly. It’s a sound that is unashamedly nostalgic rather than treading new ground, but it does so with its chest out and makes it work brilliantly.

With 3210 they have set out to create a gripping pop-punk banger, and that’s exactly what they’ve produced. It finds a great balance between being heartfelt whilst also retaining that fire that gives it its cutting edge.

Another great effort from the East Midlanders.

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