Rappin Zack


This new track from Tacoma artist Rappin’ Zack finds its way to our shores to bring a little American nostalgia. Combining a wide pool of influences and approaches, the result is a unique sound which is fun whilst maintaining a seriousness.

Having previously been the frontman of a heavy metal band, his new solo material is a real departure from his past endeavours. His new sound takes hints of RUN DMC and combining it with a ultra-modern approach. It casts your mind back to the peak era of ganga rap, but also avoids sounded dated or simply a rehashing.

One of the things that jumps out at you most in AKA The Golden Child is his combination of not taking himself to seriously, whilst maintaining a top level of artistry. Having now spanned multiple genres, and still producing good solid music, he obviously does push himself very hard in his work. The balance he finds by introducing a little humour into his sound though makes the whole track feel much more well rounded.

Regardless of how this track ended up, he would have definitely deserved a nod for such a switch up in his direction. The truth is though it though, disregarding what he’s done before, this is a song good enough to stand on its own merits anyway.

This is an artist with talent to spare, who has zigzagged his directions, and somehow he has arrived at this sound which he will be undoubtedly very happy with. Let’s hope he sticks with it a bit longer, before he goes off to try and crack another genre.

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