We review the new single from Rat Runner – Same Story

If there’s any genre that’s pretty easy to identify in a song straight out of the gate you’d have to say it’s blues rock.

The distorted sound of a flattened 5th thrown into a guitar riff is instantly familiar, as we’ve seen it used time and time again from Chuck Berry to The White Stripes.

There is no change when it comes to Manchester two-piece Rat Runner. Their debut single ‘Same Story’ reeks of blues riffs, which, combined with heavy-hitting drum fills and tormented vocals, makes for an excitable and infectious three and a half minutes.

Rat Runner are a newly formed duo, only joining forces back in August of 2021, so to come out fast with an explosive single such as ‘Same Story’ is impressive work.

You do get the sense that the pair are still in the early stages of figuring out their sound. With the single perhaps resting on their musical influences slightly too much, you struggle to feel you are listening to something fresh and original in ‘Same Story’.

Nevertheless, its energy and musicality still act as pillars to support the song as a strong beginning to Rat Runner’s musical venture. It lays the foundation, demonstrating exactly what they’re about and what they’re here to do. You can only hope that they’ll build on what they already have, and start to find their feet in putting their own twist on the ever-loved blues rock that we know.

Hopefully, we hear from TG and Dan sooner rather than later with another Rat Runner release. For now, you can give ‘Same Story’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!