We review the new single from Ratoon – ‘My Money’

Hailing from the Welsh Valleys, explosive rock four-piece Ratoon is back with politically charged new single My Money’. This song swaggers with youthful arrogance to deliver a hard-hitting message about the current economic climate.

Opening with a bright upbeat acoustic guitar, this quickly gives way to fast-paced compressed vocals, instantly introducing the subject matter. Anthemic vocals and driving drums quickly take over as Ratoon launch into their blistering new song.

Stripped-down verses allow the angsty lyrics take centre stage, portraying frustration and resilience against current economic policies that seem to leave the working people with the least. This song fizzes with attitude and personality, from sharp stabbing brass lines to raucous guitars. Lyrics beg you to down tools and take up arms to fight for fairness and the money that’s been earned through hard work. This song is perfectly aligned with the sentiment of the country, standing in solidarity with those on strike, and those tired of the status quo.

Powerful vocals deliver poignant lyrics, backed by buoyant and punchy instrumentation that reflects the attitude of the song. The brass section takes over to elevate the single, upping the excitement and energy, segueing into the sound of a heart rate monitor, reflecting the severity of the current situation. Whilst the song makes lightheartedness out of it, there is a serious undertone here, and the presence of the heart rate monitor highlights that.

Armed with memorable and catchy melodies, punchy instrumentation, and infectious energy, Ratoon are on a mission with ‘My Money’. Rhythmic and brimming with a blistering personality, this song will be running around your head all day.