We review the new single from Ratoon – What Do They Know

A two-minute storm of energetic rock, Ratoon’s new single ‘What Do They Know’ comes at your ears like a whirlwind.

We all know there’s plenty of complications and struggles that come with trying to ‘make it’ in the music industry, and this track sees Ratoon tell their story of this matter. Talking about it themselves the group explained that the song comes from a place of ‘having a childhood dream to being told you’re not good enough’. It seems the band from the Welsh Valleys are trying to prove people wrong.

There’s no messing around from them either. They get straight to the point, singing about wanting to be a rockstar from the first second.

This punchy and fast-paced approach brings real energy. With soaring guitar tones and heavy-hitting drums, there’s certainly no questioning the intensity. It’s probably a good thing it’s only two minutes long, allowing the song to be punchy and in-your-face but not overwhelming.

Whilst there are moments where you do think the lyrics are a bit on the nose, they’re still charged with plenty of passion, or what Ratoon are calling ‘a sonic concoction of teenage angst and rebellion’. You can’t deny that a bit of teenage angst can carry a song a long way sometimes.

Only the second single from Ratoon, I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot more from them. Hopefully, we get even more lively, high-spirited tracks in the near future.