rebecca barron black heart


Rebecca Barron returns with an emotionally striking piece about heartbreak in her new single, Black Heart.

The Bradford singer-songwriter delves into melancholy through an anthemic vocal delivery. With subtle string passages and ringing guitar chords over jaunty piano notes, Barron’s style descends into goth rock.

rebecca barron black heart

Whilst the chorus isn’t the most explosive, its engaging collaboration of instruments and serious string action creates a flurry of feelings. As the song progresses, Barron’s vocals kick it up a notch and each note feels so genuine that you feel for her. The moody piano notes and nasally tone of the vocals envelope an emotionally stricken sound that hasn’t been heard in years.

Whilst goth rock has had many shapes and forms delving back to the late 70s, this almost orchestral sound was huge in the 2000s and then entered a slumber. Whilst Rebecca’s discography does have a repertoire of genres ranging from pop to country, this deeply somber rock approach is nostalgic.

The verse is a steady build-up, setting the foundation for the relationship with the mentioned character. She isn’t running back, but she is suffering in her sadness. The ‘black heart’ you would think is of the unjust person, however it is Rebecca’s. At the same time, she says her heart is so much kinder, but this previous relationship must have turned her heart black.

The second chorus is the striking moment of the piece as the orchestral instrumentation bursts through. Rebecca’s vocals hit new peaks as everything that has been building is released. At the same time after this burst, we are treated to a melancholy piano-based outro.

The song clocks in at a respectable 3:14, but doesn’t feature a traditional bridge. The verses are prolonged to tell the story and the choruses repeat to define the emotions, but the outro cuts so suddenly. The only aspect you would feel to come from the piano would be another huge chorus which maybe isn’t necessary. At the same time though after all this building, we are left in the dark waiting for more. Perhaps that was the intention like the sudden or painful ending of a relationship.

It is a sad and moving piece. Black Heart is the perfect song for those dark days where the vocal work and range of instruments will strike a note in the feelings.