We Review the new Single From Red Shakes – Sad Teenager Song (Okay)

The energetic pop rock melodies of Red Shakes are punchy and deliciously catchy in his latest song Sad Teenager Song (Okay).

Sad Teenager Song (Okay) reflects the difficulties of being a teenager in the modern world and trying to find your place in it. There’s the desire to be rock and roll whilst everything else is collapsing as a decent distraction. The topics of a decaying society whilst pumped full with drugs and alcohol and drugs as distractions give this indie-licious track a deep dystopian reflection.

Red Shakes’ vocal delivery is sweet and sugary pop and climbs and falls with the impact of the instrumentation. Otherwise known as Sam Da Silva, the singer/songwriter has infectious chorus writing that progresses into dainty indie riffs that have lasted an eternity.

As catchy as the chorus is, it’s comforting to see Da Silva has gambled everything on it and the bridges and interludes flow so swimmingly that it ticks all the boxes for a sickeningly catchy indie rock song. The guitar tones are overdriven and so clean at the same time; you can really take in every night. The snare hits break through most of the guitar mold as well, giving the rhythmic beats a center stage they usually would be ignored for.

Sad Teenager Song (Okay) does what it says on the tin. Red Shakes captures his audience with a personal and tongue-in-cheek vibe and keeps to just under three minutes with exciting and varied riffage and vocal deliveries.