We review the new single from REDSIX – Yorkie

An exciting track from an unlikely source. REDSIX are a rock band coming from Jakarta, Indonesia, who dabble in genres ranging from punk, to rock, to emo, to alternative. They do it all, and they do it well.

Their new single ‘Yorkie’ is a roaring tune that sees the band confidently assert themselves as having just as much quality as some of the top emo-punk and rock bands we’ve seen at the forefront of the genre over the past few decades. It is undoubtedly a track written for an arena. It’s an anthem that you can hear crowds mindlessly screaming the chorus back to.

Evidence for its appeal can be found easily in the lyrics. Lines like ‘She quietly comes so close, and tells me I’m all that she needs’ are relatable and easy to get along with. They may not be for everyone, but I know there’s a lot of people that can get on board.

Smooth transitions of sound are seen throughout the single. The band effortlessly jump genres in an unexpected manner, but it works well within the context of the song.

When releasing the track, the band said that ‘Yorkie’ will ‘be the first step in what we refer to as REDSIX’s re-branding, or new direction.’. After listening to their previous work, it’s clear they’ve taken a slightly heavier, darker approach to their new sound. It’ll be nice to see what they do in the future and how this ‘re-branding’ continues.

I know it’s not often you listen to a band from Indonesia, but don’t knock it until you try it. Otherwise, you might live to regret it.

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