We review the new single from ReLoVe’s – Looking for a Reason

‘Looking for a Reason is the latest track to come from LA retro-pop outfit ReLoVe.

This driven three and a half minute song carries an evocative feeling of classic American rock with a slight country twist. This twist is provided by the more recent addition of violin to the ensemble, an addition that seems to have unlocked a new element to the group’s sound.

The band seems to agree, saying their music has been elevated to a ‘foot-stompin’ yet sophisticated place’. 

After listening to the song it’s hard to disagree. There’s an undoubted groove that could get any head nodding along with ease. The catchy sing-along melodies certainly don’t do any harm either.

Whilst it certainly isn’t the most boundary-pushing or emotionally provoking song, it does its job as an upbeat, poppy track that will get people paying attention.

The evidence for this attention is as clear as day. The track found its way into the HOT100 USA Chart and its sketch animation-style music video has racked up 50,000 views on Youtube. There seems to be an audience there who wants to hear upbeat tracks that make them feel nostalgic, and ReLoVe are giving them exactly that.

The reason for such success is perhaps well-explained by the songwriter of the group Jost, saying that he has ‘always been ‘Looking for a Reason’, for purpose, for meaning in life, which I think all humans can relate to in their own way’. 

He may just be right, and if ReLoVe can keep producing songs that make people feel like that then there’s no reason the people won’t keep coming back.

Listen to ‘Looking for a Reason’ down below, and let us know what you think!