Rhine Valley


Merseyside’s Rhine Valley returns with the beautifully honest and self-reflective piece, Instincts In The Red.

A soft and melodic track, its stripped back sound perfectly reflects the reflective content contained within it. Focussing on his lack of traction gained to this point and his unextraordinary streaming numbers, it takes almost the opposite approach to what you’d expect from an artist. What it doesn’t do though is wallow in self-pity. Instead it feels very defiant, with a hint of self deprecating humour, in which he takes control of his own narrative brilliantly.

Musically, it is much, much barer than what we have heard from him previously. We are used to hearing much more power in his sound, whereas here he has took the opposite approach. This track ambles along slowly, aiming for subtlety and really honing the focus into his vocals and lyrics, giving as little distraction from the as possible. For someone who has shown a real skill with the production of his previous tracks, this feels like a very brave move, but one that works.

Where Instincts In The Red does follow in the footsteps of his previous releases is in its real personal touch. We have heard him discuss pretty unremarkable aspects of life such as work, and this track continues in that vein. Its this inwards looking aspect to his music that gives it a uniqueness. Theres no attempt to create something that he is not. No sense of trying to create a swagger, but instead you feel a real connection to him purely through his music.

Instincts In The Red is a track which will hopefully get him some of the traction he deserves. This is music in its purest form. Self made in his bedroom, self promoted, and it still comes out so beautifully to hear. Give it a listen below.

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