We review the new single from Rhys Byrne – Tonight

Rhys Byrne self-describes his music as jangle pop but, whether intentionally or not, his new single ‘Tonight’ seems to take a different direction.

The track is dressed in dancing guitar parts, gentle chord progressions, and a simple rhythm all to make a peaceful bit of bedroom pop. Every so often, the North Wales musician weaves some tortured vocals across the music.

I think tortured is an appropriate description, given Rhys explained the song as a ‘melancholy trip through post-breakup soul searching’.

Emotions definitely run high in ‘Tonight’. Byrne pours his heart into the sound, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only does the feel ring through in the vocal lines, but in the extensive guitar licks too. An unquestionable amount of effort has gone into making these melodies fit with the track.

One of the impressive elements of Rhys Byrne’s work is that it’s recorded and produced by himself. Barring from the odd guitar part, ‘Tonight’ is all his own. 

It has to be said that you definitely get the sense that this is a DIY project. The guitar tone is jaunting at points, and the mix isn’t always 100%, but Byrne has given it everything he has and credit must be given where it’s due.

Tonight’ is out now for you to listen to. It’ll be interesting to follow Rhys’ future musical releases, and hopefully the quality only gets better the more experience he gets.

Give ‘Tonight’ a listen and let us know what you think!