Last autumn we were thrown the bait as the excitement stirred for her new EP, ‘Come What May’ in the form of ‘Home’. An ode to her hometown of Glasgow, marking how special it is, whilst being tormented by the explorative need of escaping from it.

Rianne now shares the second insight into her belter pop sound with ‘Hard’. A story of falling for incompatible love and all the mischief it can cause. Downey’s reputation is rightly ever growing and she recently solidified her success with her breakthrough artist award. 

Rianne manages to churn out songs we wish we had written, she’s perfected the art of penning relatable and catchy tracks ready for the next coming-of-age movie. In 2021 she released her Debut EP ‘Fuel To The Flame’ which was the beginning of her Country infused revelations.

Rianne has since taken to the recording studio twice in her journey to perfect her latest EP, working with producers John Kettle and Rich Turvey is known for casting magic into the indie scene. Hard feels like the older sister to her previous work, more mature and ironed out but with the same bustling personality. Her growth comes after non-stop touring and a winter supporting Red Rum Club. She has established an audience who recognizes her for being relatable and this is largely felt from her brave choice in writing from personal experiences, much like her hero Paulo Nutini. 

An empath with a guitar, she writes for both people cupid has played. Seemingly a fly on the wall to shared experiences she’s perfectly summed up the modern dating scene in 3 minutes. Although lyrically she has captured the essence of naivety in young love and the way we continue to chase both what we want and what is bad for us. Her jaunty guitar rhythm continues to shine a light on her playful persona. Hard is full of poetic rhymes gripping with emotion. 

In fact, If Hard was a choice on a dating app, I’d definitely be swiping right to listen.

Rianne Downey’s songwriting continues to be poignant. Her distinctive voice flows with a passion matched with huge honesty and in this case, a confessional. Her hard work speaks for itself as she prepares for her UK spring headline tour. A long list of near sold-out shows as larger venues call to be played – she’s on her A game.