Rianne Downey, the latest starlet who, hailing from Scotland has moved to Liverpool and continued making awe-inspiring music such as her latest single ‘Home’. An incredibly down-to-earth, relatable and heartfelt song that as a listener really resonated with me as I am sure it will with many other people who come across this track. 

The track in its whole form is so extremely simple, with not too many layers and parts only added where they really need to be; I do also really commend this within any song as it takes such a great understanding of music to not go overboard with adding too many parts and just layers that aren’t needed. The element of how the music is written combined with the absolutely raw and honest nature of Downey’s vocals makes this track an absolute dream to listen to. Not even as someone reviewing the song, but as a general listener, I have not enjoyed hearing a new song like this for a good while. 

As much as I love the stripped-back nature, I would really have loved to hear the synth which is introduced later in the song slightly earlier. I do think that added layer to the track gives it an extra dimension.

That aside, take nothing away from this track whatsoever. It is extremely noticeable why Rianne Downey is starting to see success with her music. Having played some great support slots and some great festival slots recently, Downey is definitely an artist everyone should have their eye on. Incredible songwriting and very clearly just a raw musical talent that has been well nurtured. This song is truly a beautiful piece that nobody should miss out on hearing.