We review the new single from Richie Madewell – There Is No Time To Die 🇺🇸

I’m sure there’s a lot of people waiting in anticipation for the next installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond in ‘No Time To Die’, but for those that can’t wait any longer, Richie Madewell has a new (cleverly named) Bond-inspired track called ‘There Is No Time To Die’.

This 007-themed tune is packed with the classic sounds you’d expect to hear in the opening to the famous spy films. Soft verses transitioning to rocked-up choruses are combined with story-telling vocals about a hero that will be everyone’s saviour, there is no mistaking what this song is about. You can almost imagine the opening credits rolling across it.

I must admit that I find the choice of inspiration a little confusing. Richie has explained his choice, saying ‘I awoke to the new Bond movie theme by Billie Eilish and I asked myself what I would do if ever given the chance to write a song for the iconic film franchise’.

However, I still can’t quite understand it. It’d be great to just hear more of what Madewell can do that is more genuine, refreshing, and innovative

What makes it more confusing is that, despite labelling it as original music, the song sounds eerily like a lot of the past theme songs. It doesn’t really scream an exciting and original Bond theme to me. I’d much more prefer to hear something that represented Richie, and wasn’t something we’ve heard so many times before.

Fortunately for us, Richie does have a new album in the works to be released in the coming months. With influences spanning from Pearl Jam, to Soundgarden, to Nick Cave, it’ll be intriguing to see what else he has up his sleeve that has spy films as less of a focus.

There Is No Time To Die’ is yet another take on a piece of music that not many artists have the privilege of performing. Whether you’re a Bond fanatic or you’re just fascinated to hear what it sounds like, Richie Madewell’s new track is out on August 30th for all ears.