We review the new single from Rikki Jordan – Big T.O.E

Incessant guitar riffs and catchy vocals define this new track from the Northern Irish singer as he skirts the boundaries between indie and psych-rock seamlessly and hypnotically.

Intentionally disjointed in places whilst maintaining a beautifully structured and instantly memorable chorus, Big T.O.E aims for a middle ground between tightness and raw inventiveness, and lands impressively near the mark. The instrumentals give the track a fierce edge as riffs relentlessly rise and fall, creating a wonderful counterbalance to the melodic vocals and quirky lyrics.

Taking inspiration from his own personal experiences but also from The Theory Of Everything, from which the title gets its T.O.E, the whole thing feels like a beautifully mad mashup of ideas and sounds that shouldn’t be thrown together, but they have, and it works.

What is most prominent throughout though, despite all the well-worked intricacies that he develops so well into his sound, is simply how much and captivating his vocals are. With an enticing deepness to his voice he carries the song along, not allowing you to stop listening to a single word as you are drawn further and further into his words, so much that it doesn’t particularly matter if you understand what he’s singing about, you enjoy it regardless.

Rikki Jordan has found a perfect balance between being able to rely on his voice to make a song what it is, without resting on his laurels and continuing to be inventive with the tracks he creates to express it. This track is the epitome of that. You can see the video for Big T.O.E below.