We review the new single from RIVIA – In The Air

It’s at this point, as we approach the end of the COVID-19 pandemic where we’re all in need of lifting up. In The Air feels exactly like the song that we all need right now, something that pulls us up into the air if you will. 

RIVIA, like many other upstart bands were caught up in the whirlwind of the global lockdown and forced to hold off their plans to push forward in making a name for themselves. 

In The Air is the first single off of the upcoming Surface EP, and is a straightforward yet powerful rock song that is all about love, and what happens when you get swept up by the emotion of it all. 

Starting off with a pleasant riff that kicks the song into high gear pretty much straight out the gate. It’s a continual explosion of sound and emotion from start to finish that oozes both happiness and nervousness. With this strong showing in its opening seconds, the rest of it does manage to keep up the hype for the remainder. 

The raw and intense vocals are the outstanding core of the song, bringing a pleasant sound and some clever lyrics that sell the emotion perfectly. ‘Just two teenage dirtbags trying to save tonight’, and ‘I couldn’t help but feel that it was in the air. And I don’t know where it’s going, to me it’s still unclear but I feel we’re just scratching the surface’. It’s these uplifting lyrics that call on all of the vocalist’s energy to belt out the words and sell the energy of the song. 

Couple this with an equally emotional backing track that’s just one long explosive hurricane of sound, with booming guitars and powerful drums, and you have the song down to a T. 

In The Air sells it’s hopefulness so well and just acts as this beautiful mood piece that feels so perfect. It’s every element works so well together and just leaves the listener wishing it would never end, fitting perfectly with its themes of love and the honeymoon period.