Funky, groovy greatness from Nashville band Roxercat. My mind is being bent minute upon minute listening to this song. There is so much change in this song and so many differentiations between sections and I love the fact that it keeps my brain spinning the whole time. Quite clearly this is a set of musicians that have been working on their craft for years on end and are now getting the chance to properly showcase themselves. 

“I Changed Today’ releases on November 18th and I’m convinced that many will be eagerly awaiting this song, Roxercat almost make this song feel like an actual piece of art. I know music in itself is an artform but this showcases that in such a unique way and it makes me even more interested in delving into more music coming out of the USA right now. If it’s all as good as this I might have to go on holiday just to watch some new bands like Roxercat! 

This song is the second single from Roxercat’s upcoming EP and wow is it really something to behold. I’ve played this back to myself over and over now and am still not bored. From funky guitar lines which I mentioned as my initial impression to some huge distorted tones in the chorus which I’m also a huge fan of this tune really does have it all. Even down to what seems like a bass solo, I do feel like not everyone in the band needs to get the opportunity to solo in songs; however, in this song I will absolutely look over that just because I am so impressed at the level of musicianship on display. Quite amazing, simply just a piece of art.