We review the new single from Ruiz! – Falling

Like many contemporaries in the DIY music space, Ruiz was affected, inspired, and innovative during the Covid lockdowns of the past few years. Taking the extra time that everyone had, the time when the world stood still for a few months and putting it to use to make music. 

Falling, originally titled Fate, is one of the byproducts of this process. Using a laptop, a variety of instruments, and some recording equipment, Ruiz managed to put together an intricate psychedelic rocker. 

As a song itself, Falling is all about taking the time to see the world around you and not letting life get on top of you. The core theming is all about how you should be fighting to make something from your life rather than just drifting through it. It’s something that a lot of people can likely resonate with, with the freedom offered today giving people the option to fight for what they really want to do. 

Musically, Falling is a very heavily 80’s inspired rocker, packed tightly with electronic, disco, and synth influences. From start to finish there’s a wealth of various sounds and musical moments that could be broken down to something quite simple. But Falling is the sum of it’s parts, and by that measure, it’s a mighty beast made up of a lot of tiny parts. Right down to the full on electro bleeps and bloops, and all the way up to the funky guitar work. It’s got so much going on, with the full on vocals at the forefront, sending a message that’s bold and clear to the audience. 

Overall, Falling is a very busy track with a lot going on, so much so that if they were listed then it could take quite a while. At the heart of it, there are a lot of electronic moments that are interesting and keep the rhythm up for the full runtime. Along with a more solid foundation of guitar and an intricate drum beat buries under it all. 

As a track, Falling is interesting and to the point. But lacks any one moment or sound that is a definitive stamp that makes it stand out. It starts, plays, and ends without very much change in it’s sound or style. It’s here, then it isn’t, and with all the little intricacies, it’s hard to grab a hold of a part of the track and pick it out as a standout moment. Whilst still being a solid track, it lacks anything that makes it truly memorable unfortunately.