We review the new single from Ruiz! – Human Touch

A marriage of indie and synth-pop buried somewhere beneath the psychedelic overtones,  this new track from Sheffield’s Ruiz! is both enjoyable and hypnotic.

With a mishmash of differing sounds rising and falling throughout the track, the unique combinations of noise create a wonderfully entrancing instrumentals keep you hooked from start to finish, and allow the vocals to simply float along on top. In parts it seems to break into more conventional melodies, but invariably it reverts back to a more acid inspired sound before long, constantly keeping you on your toes.

Now based in Sheffield, but originally from Catalunya, the artist’s history goes some way to explaining to brilliantly diverse concoction they manage to cram into their sound. You can undoubtedly feel the glimmering Spanish influence in the track, with flashes of guitar transporting you to sun-drenched lands over the waters, but it is kept grounded with unmistakably English-inspired droning vocals in places to balance it out.

At the heart of the track is an observation, bemoaning that the world no longer seems to have lost some of what makes us human, the love and respect we are meant to show each other. Written in the wake of suffering from long covid this is very understandable. However what it does perfectly is disguise some of that glumness behind its intoxicating sounds, hopefully helping to bring back a little of the passion that is ruing the loss.

This is a bold track. A track that feels like the amalgamation of experiences, emotions, and sounds that they have picked up over the years, and it’s been worth the wait. This is a unique offering and one you should check out below.