We Review The New Single From Ruiz! – One Rule

Ruiz! is back and once again is ready to grab your ears with another varied track in the form of One Rule.

The Sheffield musician caught my attention with his previous track 5 Seconds and has since then continued to test his musical palette and delve into deeper post-punk waters.

One Rule is pretty obvious when you question its lyrical themes and the accompanying artwork will give you the general gist of what you’re about to hear. The catchy and delightful harmonised vocals are led forth with the anti-establishment message to an entitled government.

The bass guitar bounces from the outset as the playing climbs up and down the fretboard, fuzzy guitars and technologic keys and vocals give off a Depeche Mode feeling and a post-punk sound that isn’t about being moody but delivering an experimental music experience.

The grit of the bass and guitar pin down the disgust in the subject matter, especially as the bridge sees droning guitar notes and a larger bass-overdrive direction. The delicately light vocal harmonisations are quite the juxtaposition to the instrumental delivery, but through its post-punk rhythms, it works surprisingly well.

It’s a track of realism, but one you can dance to so listen and let loose to another fantastic track from Ruiz!