We review the new single from Sadbot – Dream Cruise

A track filled to the brim with glittery rhythms to brighten up the dark nights that are quickly rolling in, Dream Cruise is a track which induces images of escaping winters perils for the comforting grip of a summer to come.

Having previously been part of band RedFaces, sadbot decided to spend a few years experimenting with electronic music, and what we now hear is the result of all that coming together in a beautiful package of funky nostalgia.  

After teaching himself productions, synthesis, and everything that comes with it, he has dived in at the deep end, merging together funk, disco, and heavy synth sounds to make what has ended up as a very intricate, but extremely fun sound.

The vibe of his sound has an almost video game quality to it. Its upbeat qualities married with the well crafted tempo conjure up images of sitting on an old Nintendo game, whilst somehow simultaneously feeling like it would still feel completely at home blaring out on a balcony somewhere in the Balearic islands.

As if this isn’t enough for his first venture into electronica, he claims this single, and the EP on which it sits, are in fact just “Opening Credits”. He has huge, and bold expectations for his music, and says that his releases will slowly tell a story, adding a little more with each piece of new music he shares with us.

We are all excited to see where that story is going to take us, for now though, these ‘opening credits’ are plenty enough to whet our appetite for his future endeavours.