We review the new single from Saints Among Us – Ashes to Ashes

Ethereal vocals and rampant guitar hooks deliver this powerful new single from Doncaster rockers Saints Among Us. Delving into a heavier sound than their earlier records, ‘Ashes to Ashes’ pairs delicate vocals in the verse with the screaming guitars of the chorus to create something that is engaging and dynamic.

Creating a sound that is anthemic and powerful, Saints Among Us relies on the traditional sounds of heavy rock; over-driven guitars, pounding drums, and powerfully delivered vocals, and blending this with modern elements; synths, and technical glitch noises filter through, elevating the track and adding a new dimension to their sound, placing it firmly in the music of today.

Starting with eerie disembodied vocals, nothing is left in doubt as a heavy-hitting guitar lick comes bursting through the mix, sounding almost like it is being gutturally screamed. This gives way to a verse that is more aligned with the brief song intro, tying these two distinct soundscapes together in a heavy haze.

This song is dramatic, with theatrical melodies, gripping guitar lines, and poetic lyrics that paint a picture that is cathartic. “Ashes falling to the ground” implies a scenario of change and rebirth, with the instrumental melody inferring a darker undertone to this transformation.

Maddy’s vocals are both delicate and powerful, showcasing an incredible range and versatility, with melody lines that are acrobatic at times, delivering melismas that Mariah Carey herself would be envious of. Her voice juxtaposes the harshness of the instrumental beautifully, resulting in an end product that is delightfully complex and layered.