We review the new single from Salt House Lavish, Do Not Follow Them

Refusing to follow exactly what the title tells us to, we’re certain you’ll be following Salt House Lavish’s career from this moment on. Creating music with a sense of euphoria and freedom buried within its bones, there’s not one bad thing to say about the latest cinematic adventure.

Detailing how he feels free to create any sort of music he may be influenced by as a solo artist, it feels like ‘Do Not Follow Them‘ was destined to be heard. Taking about 2 hours to finish, the track begins with a hypnotising beat that stays throughout.

Building up to become a prominent upbeat EDM anthem, the glitch infused number feels quite natural. Made entirely by the digital age, there’s something about Salt House Lavish’s new release that screams meaning. Beginning with Andrew Laveric, aka the mind behind the project, messing about with an EHX freeze guitar medal, the enchanting release changes its course just over halfway through.

Taking to the stage with mesmerising vocals and an ambitious drum pattern, the track feels slightly more trip-hop orientated after its halfway mark.

Taking from the forthcoming album ‘Fraternise’, this track details following your own path in life and never be influenced by others. At the end of the day, we are all on our own road and this track explains how vital it is to do whatever you want.