We review the new single from Sam Handy – Better

Working alongside producer Ed Stokes, singer-songwriter Sam Handy goes from strength to strength when releasing new music. An artist that’s been on my radar for quite a while, Sam’s music has evolved into something quite special.

Best described as a heated single that rounds off summer perfectly, Sam Handy is certainly keeping the summer infused tracks flowing as the weather changes in the UK.

Somewhere between Tom Misch and D’Angelo, ‘Better‘ has a funky, laid-back persona throughout that will certainly put the bounce in your step.

Telling the tale of Sam in lockdown, battling loneliness and anxiety subdued by the support of a loved one, this single certainly walks upon familiar ground.

\The first verse however feels like the vocal melody doesn’t fully fit with the track’s arrangement and sounds, in places, slightly out of tune. Saying that it gives the track an off-putting, unpredictable attire which definitely makes it even more innovative.

Written and recorded in Sam’s bedroom during the first covid lockdown in England, the track may deal with feeling alone and struggling, but it certainly could unite a whole group of outcasts.

Extraordinary alt-pop with dashes of funk, I could hear this being performed at some of the hottest festivals across the globe.