We Review The New Single From Sam Scherdel – Balloon

Sam Scherdel’s popularity continues to rise with each exciting single, and his latest track, Balloon might just be his most anthemic piece yet.

The Sheffield-based singer-songwriter has written one of the most elegant indie rock tracks to with a steady build-up that explodes into a brass-orientated break.

The tempo continues to build throughout the verses with Scherdel fitting in as many words as he can. Whilst the main guitar keeps a steady riff throughout, the overall song takes on many forms as the latter half sees a romanticised chorus of vocals fill the overall sound as Scherdel desires to be in the position of a balloon and ‘float away’.

The conclusion to the track feels like a warming summary of the contributing instruments with pounding drums, blissful trumpet sections, and the kind of overall thematic sound felt on the latest Sam Fender record.

Balloon is a bold step in his writing abilities with the track being both instrumentally extravagant and uplifting whilst the lyrics themselves meet dark undertones. The clean tones manage to pack such an impact in the breaks between verses and the brass break with a thumping note-smashing moment that sounds ever-so soft at the same time.

The high energy and soaring vocal delivery will make this a poignant and memorable moment in Scherdel’s career for sure and is setting the artist on the right path to a much more explorative and unique indie rock sound. The big musical entourages and engaging vocal delivery are an instant crowd pleasure and this anthemic piece is the perfect closer for any high-energy set.