We review the new single from Sam Scherdel – Brave Mistake

Considering the fact that Sam Scherdel has been writing music since his teenage years, you can see the soul of an experienced musician straight from the outset. 

There’s this energy to his latest single from the starting moments, incorporating a synth-style background track into the song that’s quite mesmerising. Taking the listener in one direction to start with, before veering into a much more pop-rock style when the track is in full swing. 

Brave Mistake, has some excellent moments, particularly within its excellent middle section. Mostly when its central backing track is backed up by these fantastic fast paced drums taking a much more prominent role in the track. Backed up even more by guitars that are much more subtle than most tracks in this same vein. 

It’s a curious song to break down but is very fitting with Scherdel’s back catalogue of recent tracks. With a heavy emphasis on the softer elements, accentuated by harder sounds from more traditional instruments. With the distinct vocals as well, sounding simultaneously smooth yet a little bit rugged, it comes together excellently. 

Everything about Brave Mistake has this fairy tale awe kind of distinction to it. Everything comes together in a Britpop song that’s not quite rocker, but it also isn’t a neon fever dream either. It’s somewhere in the middle, with shades of both shining through. But this feels like it’s greatest strength, the harmony of it all comes together nicely. 

Overall it’s quite a minimalistic track, down to it’s core elements and fundamental song writing. But it’s not trying to be anything more than this energetic pop track, which is what truly makes Brave Mistake a winner. It’s this energetic track that’s not going overboard and trying too hard, it’s simple, effective, and a great song to chill out to. It’s a great spot to start listening to Scherdel, and will no doubt please returning listeners as well.