We review the new single from Sam Scherdel – Don’t Really Like You

From a lifetime of making music, to a 5 year hiatus, and now the return, Sam Scherdel marks his re-entry to the music scene with his new single, ‘Don’t Really Like You’. 

Immediately as the track opens, the mixture of electronic and rock is a pleasant surprise. With the gentle notes of synth offset by crunchy guitar chords and a deep and heavy bass. 

Getting into the nitty gritty, the synth itself is full of little chimes and subtle notes that are almost like a lullaby with the softness and easiness of them. They make for a more atmospheric setting sound whilst the guitars, drums, and bass act as the core of the song, with Sam’s vocals taking the forefront. 

The guitars themselves are surprisingly heavy, despite the overall gentle feel of the song. It’s a surprisingly pleasant coupling that’s a treat to the ears, with the palpable crunchy feel mixed in with a few higher twangs here and there to break things up just a little bit. 

The bass and drums are also a little on the heavier side, once again being softened by the synth and Scherdel’s buttery smooth vocals. In particular, the drums themselves are quite hard hitting, giving a solid thump with each note played. They’re a nice and crunchy feeling sound that give a substance to the song that would be overly smooth without them. 

Lastly are Shcherdel’s vocal and lyrical performance. And here is where the track really shines. The vocals are smooth as they come, with Scherdel having a very clear talent on display as he belts out some of the cleanest vocals going. There’s a very clear passion behind each word and the delivery is filled to the brim with a love for the song. 

The lyrics themselves are actually a very clever subversion of expectation, as the title seems to give away that the song may not be as happy-go-lucky as it seems on the surface. But in a clever twist, the chorus announces how loving the song truly is. “I don’t really like you, I love you”, is an incredible turn of events that will no doubt catch people out completely. It’s a sweet message that tugs at the heart just nicely, with its ingenious flipping of what the listener may expect. 

In conclusion, Don’t Really Like You is one of those love songs that really pulls off just the right amount of saccharine, not laying it on overly thick but still being just sweet enough. Combined with more than pleasant musicianship across the board just completes how good of a listen the song truly is.