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We review the new single from Sam Scherdel – Early Morning Rain

Atmospheric, lush with rich textures and raspy vocals, ‘Early Morning Rain’ is the brand new single to come from Doncaster singer Songwriter Sam Scherdel. Sweeping strings hold up the lyrical melodies of the chorus which are rousing and uplifting.

The gritty edge of Sam’s vocal tone blends beautifully with the softer textures in the instrumentation, and lines up perfectly with the guitar solo that cuts through midway through the song.

The production of this track captures the simple joy of beautiful early mornings, conveying a sense of unbridled euphoria.

‘Early Morning Rain’ doesn’t give you much pause for thought once it kicks in, coming down as a lush downpour of sonic experience.

The influence of The Stereophonics and Bruce Springsteen is clear in the way that this song is written, the prevalence of the melodies and lyrics, and the combination of sounds in the mix.

This song is a joy to listen to, and sounds like it will be a powerful track to experience live. ‘Early Morning Rain’ is the first song to break Sam’s five year hiatus, and what a powerful track to make your return on.

Previous releases from Sam have earned him critical acclaim from BBC Introducing, and have taken him on hundreds of live dates around the country including Glastonbury Festival.