We review the new single from Sam Scherdel – ‘The Answer’

Having reviewed some of Sam’s stuff in the past, I was excited to get an early listen of his new single and I was not disappointed!

The Answer’ opens with atmospheric strings and pretty instrumentation that sets the tone for this beautiful new single. When his voice does come in, the husky rasp contrasts wonderfully against the instrumental track, creating a softness within the mix.

The buildup into the chorus is energised with a sense of euphoria, created through the strings and rising melody, driven forward by the drums, ever steady and reliable. Sam shows the beauty of good songwriting, simple and relatable lyrics paired with memorable and uplifting melodies. The simplicity of this song, in terms of structure and instrumentation, allows the individual elements to shine. Sam delivers relatable lyrics, filled with familiar imagery and metaphors to convey the message of his song. There is tangible emotion in the vocal performance of this song, Sam Scherdel gives his all here, holding nothing back and giving us a masterclass in emotional performance.

You can hear Scherdel’s Britpop influences in his songwriting style but with ‘The Answer’ he has elevated that, mixing in new sounds and styles which has allowed him to push his songwriting further. Speaking of the new single on his social media, Scherdel explained that this song has been a long time in the works, and this is a perfect example of the hard work paying off. Everything from the compositional arrangement of the instrumentation, to the mix of the track compliments the sincere lyricism and performance of Scherdel’s voice.

Sam Scherdel’s strength lies in his lyrical honesty and melodic ability to weave a story with his voice. His new single ‘The Answer’ shows exactly what he is capable of. There is a comforting sense of familiarity in this song, as if it’s been in your life all along. With this new single, Scherdel gives us a special sincerity through the music and his voice that creates a sense of instant emotional connection with the song.