We review the new single from Samplehound – Rebuilding

If you’ve been following RGM for a while, you’ll remember Ambient composer Samplehound and his innovative music that could easily fit some of the world’s greatest sci-fi films. Back with the new release ‘Rebuilding’, the new single exceeds any expectations that you may have had yet still pays ode to Rich aka Samplehound’s innovative sound.

Taken from Samplehound’s album ‘A Good Man’, which is due for release in the new year, if the new album is anything like this new single, we better order a few boxes of tissues because there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

A gentle classical-style piano piece that leads listeners through a basic chromatic melody, to begin with and builds into an exceptional, emotive piece.

Inspired and written after Rich suffered a flood in London, the track details that even in the darkest of times, there’s always beams of light.

Bringing hope to thousands of listeners’ ears across the globe, this positive peace explains to never give up on hope, it’s always there, you just may not see it at times.

Hoping to bring some sort of encouragement to other people going through trials and turbulences, this empowering piece feels like a guiding source.

There’s not one bad thing to say about this, ‘Rebuilding‘ will leave you speechless and smiling.