We review the new single from Sani Knight – ‘BADASF’

Delivering supreme moody vibes, ‘BADASF’ is the brand new single from LA artist Sani Knight. This song sees Knight teaming up with Bosquet for this melancholic chill R&B hit.

A simple track underpins ‘BADASF’, mid-tempo and repetitive, giving Knight the perfect base to flex his vocals over. Knight, at only 19, displays incredible confidence in his performance, taking centre stage for the entire song, his vocals riding high in the mix.

The production style of this track nods its head heavily to his influences of The Weeknd and The Neighbourhood, reverb drenched echo backing vocals and double-tracked lead vocals.

This song is short, with a running time of less than 2 and a half minutes, which prevents the song from becoming boring. There is little change in the track throughout the song, and it lacks a recognisable structure, however, this is a welcome change from the sometimes formulaic singles that flood the airwaves. Sani Knight is not restricted by structure or tradition and delivers the song in a way that is authentically his own.

Nailing the dark R&B Trap sound, Knight emulates his heroes while creating something new and personal. This song is characterised by its chilled vibes, created through his laid back vocal tone and delivery, and the reliable steadiness of the track.

Overall, ‘BADASF’ is a mellow track that pulls no fast punches, but delivers exactly what it promises. Sani Knight matches the tone of the track with his vocals, and the result is a radio-worthy chill R&B tune!