Sani Knight presents his latest single ‘Heaven Sent’ an irresistible piece of alternative pop, incorporating a wide range of sounds from rock and alternative, with trap and pop sensibilities sacreating a distinct sound guaranteed to turn heads.

Deep synth bass and atmospheric chops create a dramatic opening, adding suspense and anticipation which entices the listener from the word go.

Sani’s breathy vocal which drives a hypnotic melody throughout the verse section is fantastic, with its raspy tone brimming with personality. As the vocal performance becomes more energetic, the track brings a chorus composition to mirror.

The introduction of a distorted lead, subtle guitar and a truly ear-worm chorus melody, sees the track step into a lane of its own, with pounding 808’s and a trap rhythm meshing the section brilliantly. The smooth, entrancing nature of the vocal paired with the distorted lead is a juxtaposition which accentuates the drama and theatrics intelligently.

Whilst taking clear influence from The Weeknd and Brent Faiyaz, Sani Knight shows a real creative spark on this short but sweet offering ‘Heaven Sent’ a track which cries out for a second play and sets the pace for his future releases.