We review the new single from Saytr Play – Like A Ghost

After a small Covid hiatus, Saytr Play, known for their strong live performances across Manchester and wider European acclaim make a return with Like A Ghost. 

It’s a melancholic song about loving too hard, when you begin to feel ‘like a ghost’ in the face of someone who doesn’t have the same interest. But it’s also a song about reconciling those feelings, coming to the realisation that ‘I bleed like you do’ and that you’re only human. 

Feeling very upbeat in delivery, with strong synth tones played at a high note ring out throughout the track, and guitars that give off a gentle embracing feel. It’s a song that’s much happier sounding than it actually lets on, with its light tones and wholesome appeal. The vocals are where the cracks in the armour show, not performance wise, rather that the song is more than it lets on. A lot of people are naturally going to gravitate to the chorus lyrics of, ‘call my name and I’ll be there’. But it’s within the verses that the real heartbreaking metaphors are found, and suddenly the veil is lifted to reveal the sadness beneath. 

Keeping with the vocals and lyrics, there’s a very natural and logical flow to the track. With half-sung-half-spoken-word verses and fully sung choruses, there’s an excellent variety to the track’s performance. It really lets the singer stretch their legs in terms of the mixed delivery and the overall solid songwriting. 

Everything else in the song does keep a very subdued feel. The guitars are used in a gentle, almost pining style of strumming. They’re gentle and don’t attempt to blow the doors off in any way, and this works great within these confines. 

The drums are in a similar boat here as well, bringing this subdued and almost muted feel. They’re don’t have a really crunch, bang, or slap to them. Instead it’s a generally muted oomph that feels like it’s buried underground. Once again this is sticking with the themes of being crushed under your own love that isn’t returned, and rather than accepting it, it continues to keep these feelings hidden or at least under wraps. 

Dominating the sonic landscape are the synth notes mentioned at the start, they’re the first and last thing you hear. Even these are gentle and embracing, but rather than feeling toned down, they’re more like a gentle embrace and are on par with a lullaby in their tenderness. It’s only the lyrics that really break through and show the full spectrum of emotion on display. Peeking out from behind this blanket of gentle noises to deliver the true message. 

To sum up, whilst being a very easy going song, Like A Ghost betrays a sadness and longing with it’s lyrics that are heartbreaking. But the song also understands the feeling that this grave has been dug by the subject, by falling too hard and being forced to accept this love will be only one way to a degree. It’s a laced with more pop than indie but still keeps those solid roots of being an indie darling without a doubt, and while subjects may change, quality is forever.