We Review The New Single From SCHIZOFACTORY – Pointless Wonderings

Glasgow rockers, SCHIZOFACTORY contemplate the beings and happenings of a 20-something-year-old in the modern world in their latest single, Pointless Wonderings.

The pop-rock group, fronted by singer Monika Reichelt bring some colour to a bleak and gritty society with their punchy guitars and fierce drums.

The vocal attitudes have a punky-angsty feeling that is reminiscent of Garbage. The lyrical themes talk of struggles and Reichelt’s vocal range provides the important feelings the band has.

The music itself is safe and lackluster with the opening expectations dropping behind the vocals in the chorus. The guitars disappear into simple chords and the forceful drumming doesn’t really return except for moments in the bridge.

The guitars are too gentle for a song that’s supposed to be feisty and in your face. I think with oomph in the music it would also make the vocals more powerful than they already are.

The track is necessary in this broken world, but itself could do with some work and fine-tuning.