sciante blues fallen angel
sciante blues fallen angel


Folk Rock duo Sciante Blues are back with their second single featuring a much more somber visual to their previous output. The song, Fallen Angel also features singer Leanna Watters and provides extra emotions to this vulnerable folk tune.

The group who hails from Dublin have that classic Irish folk sound that rips at the heartstrings. The guitars and vocals are both delicate and have a sense of experience behind them. The journey mentioned in the track feel like they are actual memories from Sciante Blues. Their band name translates as ‘to know’ in Esperanto, which the band a passionate about in terms of connecting with people across the world.

Whilst we all may speak a different language, the band creates relatability in their emotional music through similarities in pain in life. The song is a steady build and never ventures off in any major directions. The main addition is some synth and lead guitar layers over the acoustic and drums. Whilst it doesn’t blow up into some catchy chorus and even when Leanna joins it keeps its steady pace, it achieves so much more.

The overall sound reflects well into the Fallen Angel artwork. The slow drum and higher-pitched vocals stretch out the anguish referencing the demons and the subtle subject of death. Leanna plays the ‘fallen angel’ subject and is a nice touch to create these characters in the song and not leave everything up to Sciante Blues. The vocals are ghostly almost as if a memory is calling out in the song.

At the same time as the somber subject matter, there is a sense of uplifting in the music. The gentle synths and drum beat certainly produce a new sense of direction to the track. Even the vocals become clearer as Fallen Angels progresses as if moving past previous events. It’s a soft and beautiful piece of music that is over before you know it. A metaphor for life perhaps.