SHABBAH - Behave


If being remembered is the aim, then being catchy is the game. Meet the quartet from Sheffield, SHABBAH, presenting their third single, ‘Behave’. If you’re looking for a 2 minute, balls to the wall, fast-paced track that features the very best of modern indie, whilst simultaneously giving a nod to the punk era of yesteryear, then look no further.

The song begins with a sharp punk bassline that sounds crystal clear and has plenty of punch, before progressing into the main riff that really drives the song forward. Even upon a first listen this sounds to me like an actual bassist writing and playing bass parts, showing a great understanding of dynamics that makes the instrument feel present throughout the mix. I personally love the little lick at the end of each phrase.

The main vocal here is relatively straightforward. It features a melody that doesn’t change up too much throughout the song, but due to the song’s shorter length, this only plays further into its strengths. The melody is extremely memorable, and one thing I love is that this band wears its Sheffield influence and origins on its sleeve. Ignoring the more obvious accent, it’s less about hearing the Sheffield influence, and more feeling its energy instead.

What makes this track stand out even more for me is the heavier dirty vocal chant that kicks it all off. This is where you can hear a culmination of different influences, and it’s little details like these that add to the personality and attitude that brings the song to life. It’s little details like this, which make me understand the band as a whole. As I struggle to think of a better word to describe this, I think ‘fun’ is the most apt. Short, to the point, whilst still being expressive.

There isn’t too much to say about the production, other than the fact that everything fits really well. Everything is clear, everything has a purpose, and that is all that is needed here. The only thing I will mention, and this is less a complaint, more a preference, is that I wish the song leaned more into the vocal chants. It doesn’t have to be much, accentuating certain lines or words would be more than enough. An example that springs to mind is the My Chemical Romance rendition of Astro Zombies. I think this would be a great way for this band to open their doors to more listeners, and really play into it. If you want to make me happy on Christmas, give me more backing vocals.

Whilst the song tells me to ‘‘behave’’, the sheer drive that it presents makes me want to do anything but. As a band that has been going for barely over a year, this shows plenty of promise through its grassroots sound, something that we at RGM are always proud to support. Keep an eye on SHABBAH, they are definitely not a band to be ignored.