We review the new single from Shadows Of A Silhouette – Modern Age Blues

If you’re looking for a throwback, this is a good place to be. Shadows Of A Silhouette bring the history of indie rock over the last 30 years back to the forefront, and this time they’re doing it with their new single ‘Modern Age Blues’.

The single checks off one of the first indie boxes straight away as it opens with a chorus of chanting ‘ahhs’. What follows is a series of catchy, rambling verses, intertwining jangly guitar melodies, and even more soaring backing vocals.

Whilst it’s unarguable that Shadows Of A Silhouette channel a history of British indie music through their sound, you can still hear other influences ranging from blues rock to indie pop that quietly creeps through.

Pairing suitably with the single is a music video that sees the band sporting denim jackets and playing together everywhere and anywhere, from the English countryside to the platform of a train station. The band gives its all to the drama of the performance and it’s not hard to tell.

With each release, the Derbyshire band’s sound gets more polished and even a touch catchier. It only takes one song to throw a band properly into the limelight and, whilst Shadows Of A Silhouette haven’t had it yet, you can see them as the kind of band that could stumble across a song like that at any point.

Hopefully, we see them getting busier and busier in the near future.