We Review The New Single From Shanghai Treason – Hero’s Welcome

Sheffield banjo-punks, Shanghai Treason return with their fast and snappy single, Hero’s Welcome.

The group, who are working towards their debut album have dropped a couple of singles so far this year, with the latest being based on a true story. Hero’s Welcome is about one of the band member’s great-grandfathers who escaped a P.O.W. camp during WW2.

Shanghai Treason’s sound packs a punch and is reminiscent of artists such as Flogging Molly and Frank Turner with a mixture of punk attitude and rhythms, mixed with acoustic and bluegrass instrumentation.

What sounds like the beginning of a hoedown with violins and banjo plucking in its first verse builds up with clapping to a transition into romantic punk verses. The guitars really take a step back, especially in terms of production, and allow other instrumentation to break through.

We don’t get any major signs of guitar diversity until a break brings us to a harmonised chorus. The track fills out more as it progresses, but the drums continue to pound away throughout and sound well-tuned.

Vocally, I would not have said this piece came out of Sheffield, but the stylings are the perfect fit for the instrumentation. It may only be two and a half minutes, but I wouldn’t want it to be any longer. Shanghai Treason says all they need to in their catchy and nostalgic style.