Lucious guitar riffs and confessional lyrics are at the core of this new track from the Dublin singer-songwriter. A tale of everyday life, this back-to-basics song showcases what we’ve come to love from him, and further illustrates his wonderful abilities as a street-wise wordsmith with an unwavering flair for storytelling.

Finn’s tunes always seem to provide a perfect mix of deep lyricism backed by a indie soundscape, and this one is no different. Whist it does omit that certain melancholic aura than some of his previous releases have also seen, the fullness of his sound provides a lovely counterpoint to lift some of the bleakness and balance his sound perfectly.

He has such a gift for keeping his lyrics simple yet profoundly relatable and its this that has become his trademark. The blunt honesty that he bares as always makes you feel a real connection to the man himself. He has a wonderful talent for illuminating every corner of his world for you to see through his three-minute masterpieces, and you come away from each one feeling you know him a little better.

Rise, by my reckoning, maybe his most powerful release to date. He seems to have perfected his craft, committed to his passion, and we are now reaping the rewards for all the hard work and dedication he has put in by being presented with these sorts of tracks.

Long may it continue.