Imagine ‘bedroom pop’ with an injection of indie, brought to life with a relaxing punchy synth.

Initially, when I read that Shines inspirations were taken from The Clash, The Smiths and Jarvis Cocker, I was expecting something rocky, even melancholy-like.

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the Grimsby-based ‘Shines’ debut.

‘Home’ is the debut single for the band and it’s a brilliant one to start with; The tune is consistent throughout the track, something which I’m a big fan of.

I can see myself listening to it during a walk, a drive, or even as a backing track in a film, as it appears to tell a story, which I imagine to be of a lost but longing love, listening to the lyrics.

It complements a punchy intro, which mixes synth and guitar perfectly, the lyrics only gripped me more.

Shines has described the song as ‘built layer over layer of a programmed synth loop to create a piece of music that is both meandering and mesmerizing.’

This is something they have achieved but it also exceeded my expectations.

It’s an incredibly easy listen and would be an excellent addition to your playlist.

The debut is set to be part of their debut album, which will be released this summer.
It’s expected that several releases will also be announced across 2024, as well as some live performances.

I’m eager to see what else Shines produces, as this is a fantastic introduction to their style; It’s an elating, feel-good yet emotional track, and has left me wanting more.