SilverFinger Singh’s musical credentials extend far beyond his debut Education Road EP. He has promoted Asian Fusion music while presenting on BBC Asian Network and BBC Radio Leeds. He’s interviewed artists globally and UK-based. And as a performer, he’s supported notable artists such as Ian Brown and The Sugarhill Gang – prolific then.

Music runs in SilverFinger Singh’s family – he is the son of producer Mr Inder Matharu, aka GoldFinger – so such prolificacy is understandable. 

Equally understandable then is the variety of influences heard on new single ‘. The song opens with oneiric synth arpeggios which lurk in the background for the entire song – whimsical in sound. 

SilverFinger Singh’s near spoken-word delivery reminds me of Massive Attack. Moreover the hypnotic rhythm section itself builds tastefully upon many of trip-hop’s fundamental. WINCAHI provide a pleasantly contrasting and glossy vocal hook, indebted to R&B. 

Yet for all the song’s admirable qualities, it lacks a driving force, yet the sum of these parts is at times underwhelming. ‘Realign’ comes and goes. Its wide-reaching influences and proficient performances make this a pleasant listen to while on, but a lack of zest means few traces are left upon its completion. 

What SilverFinger Singh should be admired for is his willingness to merge styles and promote influences, especially those that are under-celebrated. While ‘Realign’ is not the most animated of songs, it’s inarguable that SilverFinger Singh’s music charms with its well-constructed professionalism.