We review the new single from Sip Of Milk – Paper Over The Cracks

This off-kilter mashup of noise from the Welshmen provides a great backing sound for summer, with its vibrant, fun sound which won’t fail in bringing a smile to your face, and rhythm to your feet. With interests in psych, synth-pop, post-punk and even jazz, they have reached deep within all of their influences to create a self-professed ‘dad-rock’ track which encompasses both the old and the new wonderfully.

What strikes you in Paper Of The Cracks from the very start is how they have seemingly packed joy into every beat from beginning to end. You can just sense how much fun they had making this track, and that translates seamlessly into what you hear when you press play.

It’s much more than just a feelgood track though. Their beats are crafted so that it seems to naturally build and build throughout the song, resulting in the end in what is a really well produced, really full sound that stands up just as strong sonically as it does emotionally.

It’s hard to define just what Paper Of The Cracks is. There is an underlying sprinkling of psych, and it does have an experimental feeling which flows through it, but it stops short of being really ‘out there’ and instead lends itself to being somewhere in the ‘best of both worlds’ region, feeling fresh and different, but not outright weird.

When you go on to realise after hearing this track that it is, in fact, their debut release, it becomes all the more impressive. They appear to have jumped in at the deep end and not only landed on their feet, but thrown in a few somersaults on the way. A brilliant first offering from their forthcoming debut EP, which is now one we’ll be counting down the days ‘til.