We Review the New Single from Sketchface – Metamorphosis

When one thinks of bedroom pop, the chances are it conjures thoughts of badly produced Soundcloud demos from skinny boys in too-short jeans. That’s fine. It does for me too. Or at least it did. That was until I heard the new single from Portsmouth solo artist Sketchface.

Though taking his cues from artists such as Beabadoobee or Chloe Moriondo, the latest single ‘Metamorphosis’ feels much deeper, more progressive, and three-dimensional than the lo-fi nature of the aforementioned artists.

Five minutes of sprawling and atmospheric indie pop, it begins in the bright and breezy territory that will be familiar to fans of his influences, though it wastes little time in leaving that behind in favour of something richer and altogether more beguiling.

Not so much a track of two halves, as it one of constantly shifting moods, melodys, tones and textures, it’s an impressive offering from the South Coast solo artist. One that hides a quiet and subtle optimism behind its layers of screeching lead guitar, hazy rhythm and inherent despondency.

While ‘Metamorphosis’ still harbours a little of the stoned swimmy aesthetic that we’ve come to associate with bedroom pop and its artists, it goes much further than that, elevating Sketchface beyond the realms of ‘another bedroom artist’ certainly, but also in elevating our expectations as far as the genre goes. A bold a and confident release.