We review the new single from SKYLIGHTS – OUTLAW

With a fast growing fanbase, sold out shows, and hitting #2 on the physical singles chart, SKYLIGHTS meteoric rise to the top has been achieved in no small part by a fantastic work ethic and devotion to the craft. 

OUTLAW is the third and final single ahead of their full album release, acting as the leading single for the album. It’s a fast and furious rocker that’s solid in every way imaginable. Shrugging off the verse-chorus-verse mixture in favour of a more free flowing feeling track, OUTLAW is filled to the brim with attitude and power. 

Starting off with a catchy guitar riff, and a solid drum beat that’s irresistible to not tap along with. Alongside this is the bass which is never drowned out, utilising a wall of noise technique so as not to lose any singular sound. It certainly feels perfectly put together, rehearsed and practiced, showing the camaraderie of SKYLIGHTS as a unit unto themselves. 

There’s very little to pick apart from the blisteringly quick track, with everything so fine tuned and easy to pick up on when listening. It’s clear to see why SKYLIGHTS have been lauded so highly and received near endless praise from fans and critics alike. The word bulletproof comes to mind when describing not just OUTLAW as a single, but the music of SKYLIGHTS as a whole. 

The one thing that may put some people off is that it does feel like something safe and familiar. This may be something that comes down to personal taste though more than anything. Certainly there’s very little to complain about, but there’s also precious little to say that hasn’t been said before and said about bands within the rock genre as a whole. For people who are wanting more of the tried and true pop-rock formula, this is no doubt going to scratch the itch well and will undoubtedly become a staple on plenty of peoples playlists. But for more genre fans who are looking for something with a bit more flavour, a deeper dive may be needed. 

Overall, OUTLAW is the anthem for rockin’ rollers everywhere and will please a wide variety of people from near enough every genre with its accessible and easy-to-follow sound. But as far as breaking new ground goes, this is as vanilla as it can be. It’s safe to say that the masses will decide on the fate of OUTLAW as a track from here, but it would be a disservice to the band to say it is anything less than fantastic.