Only formed post-covid, yet with a line-up of musicians with more than a just bit of experience under their belts – Slum Club present their first single together ‘Hey You’.

Comprised of a group of mates with a shared history of school days and past musical projects – Slum Club’s name is up for debate. Was it “chosen to represent the hardships that musicians have to endure whilst trying to make it in a cut throat industry” or was it “the last band name available that they could all agree on”?
But despite this enigma, the first taste of their sound is anything but a mystery.

Released just in time for those sun-drenched months that stretch ahead, the Burton-on-Trent four-piece describe this brand new track as “an ode to the long-awaited return of summer” .

From the opening immediate clash of crunchy guitars to frontman Connor Curran’s seemingly nonchalant albeit rapid-fire delivery – there’s a definite grunge flavour to this one.  Think early Pixies (or even a bit of Nirvana) as guitar riffs whine away echoing the vocals which speak of brighter days, lazy afternoons… and bare legs. 

“I’m so lucky / Got no leaves on my clover / The winter is over / Now I’ve got my shorts on”

It’s that loud-quiet-loud pattern to the track that smacks of a certain tone of alt-punk-indie that while not new still sounds incredibly fresh to the ears. There’s an almost jam session quality to it which balances bouncing drums tracked by a bluesy bass with a playful sing-a-long refrain that is bound to go down well live.

Running at over four minutes in length, ‘Hey You’ is far from a snappy number, instead taking on a much more laid-back feel perfectly suited to chilling with your mates and catching some rays. As for Slum Club, whatever the name means – where do we sign up?